Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I love the few good friends I have. You know who you are.


penguinone said...

you haven't lost me, i promise.

I can't sit down and have a coffee with you right now, but I can sit down and have a chat!

I feel the same way from time to time. Today, in fact. This sounds upsetting, but I sat in a Tim Hortons for about 3 hours, reading and drinking by myself. I was sad at first, and was sad afterwards, but the loneliness forced me to talk to people, strangers. That was kind of nice. There are up days for me, but some days get very lonely here too. I wish I had friends here I could bond with more deeply. The people I thought I could be close with for a long time to come haven't been much in touch this year. It's okay though, people come and people go. What's important is to make the time they stay meaningful, however long or however short.

Things will start looking up on the people front. With your kind and charming character, you most certainly will go through life making very touching connections with a whole host of people. I know because I'm one of the lucky ones who know you!!! Hang in there!

Amélie said...

my love: You will always be a friend, no matter what happens.

I think I'm just tired of trying to maintain friendships with people who don't try. It's frustrating and it seems everyone here lately is like that.

One day I will visit you and we will have coffee in that same Tim hortons <3

Stella said...

woman, all i gotta say is, one of them better be me because i cut work to go to the mall with you <3 and also, i'm pretty. and brown. but those two are in no way related.

Amélie said...

Of course you're one of them sexyface ;)

penguinone said...

I love this post :)

The sentiment is fully and thoroughly requited!!!

love you <3