Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birth Signs.

I was born two months early.

I was born in April instead of June. I'm an aries instead of perhaps... a gemini. I can recognize when someone is an Aries really quite easily.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have been a different person if I'd been born on time.


penguinone said...

An interesting tidbit - A majority of my crushes from grade 7 to now have been Aries!

As a Sagittarius, I am supposed to get along with both Aries and Gemini, but I think I've had better luck with Aries.

Even if you are the dreaded Scorpio, I still love you to death! (Just kidding to Scorpio, i'm sure they're all right too :P)

My mom though, she always tells me that she doesn't like my sign. lol.


A side note - I hope that pain will leave you alone soon!!! Hang in there!!!!