Thursday, October 29, 2009

Awesome flu.

So I'd been exhausted and really just out of it for the past week. I attributed it to stupid midterms and assignments and not having had a weekend. Yesterday I came home and started feeling a lot crappier. By morning, I was coughing insanely. By afternoon I had a fever of 37.5 (my normal body temp is 36.8) and by evening i had a fever of 39 C. I don't know if I have regular flu or swine flu. The symptoms seem to be exactly the same and I seem to have all of them at once. D:

With the help of some Tylenols and Advil's and some cold water I'm down to 38.1 which is honestly such a huge difference. I can actually function a little.

I have a presentation tomorrow at 8:30 AM but called my professor and told him I was sick. He moved it to next week thankfully. I have to figure out how I'm gonna cover chapter after chapter of mgmt 2000 if my entire weekend is gonna be spent trying to get this fever down.

At least Schulich seems to be slightly accommodating with the situation.

I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to your emails Rebecca! I read them and loved them to bits. I just can't sit down in front of the computer for too long at a time right now.

Wish me luck!


penguinone said...

Hey Beautiful!

No worries about the e-mails, focus on getting well!!!!

my e-mails are ridiculously lengthy anyway haha, i am impressed you got through them in your state!

I hope you feel better soon, and I'm glad Schulich is being nice... <3

Stella said...

no wonder it's been so quiet! My dearie is SICK?! =(( so fisherman's evil lozenge thing is a lie. don't focus on catching up, focus on GETTING BETTER enough to catch up, okay? I'm around the corner, let me know if you need anything! shulich is being...helpful? wow...that's a surprise! do you want me to get notes from your film class from Joanna? (girl you met on bus, lol)

MUCHOS HUGS AND KISSES <3. mann...i'm so sad you're down =(
how'd the interview go, btw?

Terra Shield said...

Get well soon...