Friday, July 3, 2009

Maybe this blog is doomed to be a boring food blog.

I have made up my mind.

No more junk food. EVER.

Ok maybe once in a blue moon, but I'm cutting that shit out cold turkey. I used to be fine eating nearly all healthy, I don't know what happend. The food I'm eating is leaving me feeling gross and unattractive. It's probably not doing my organs much good either.

Today I ate no junk. I had my home-made pancakes, and the home-made soup, and the home-made rice dish, and my fruits and veggies, with some random walnuts thrown in for randomness' sake. I went for a run, which was sadly interrupted by the wind and intense pain in my ears... but all that was still way better than I've been treating my body as of late...

We'll see how this goes.


Orhan Kahn said...

Wish I could say what I truly think, but you already know.

I will say this though, you're a tard. And we all love you for it.

Amélie said...

: )