Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ahhhh one night to write two essays. One on Irish monasticism and the other on the role of women in medieval Ireland. AHHHH.


Orhan Kahn said...


I read this post in that Lord of the Rings movie trailer "one ring to rule them all" voice. And it worked.

Woozie said...

Right down to the screams and the random letters at the beginning?

Oh, and btw--word verification was "Staniqua". I shit you not.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Good luck on the papers & maybe you can somehow overlap them enough to use for both courses. Ha.

But based on your previous post, that is probably not the best idea given the school you attend (and those hearing are the craziest thing I've heard about in awhile - seriously).

Amélie said...

orhan: wtf? Lol

wooz: My word verification must be racist.

2 dollar: thanks : ) Although these two essays are for the same course, and the course is outside of my program as an "elective." My program is a smaller program within a larger university... if that makes any sense.