Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dinner time.

I made dinner tonight. I don't know many complicated dishes, but I made this relatively simple Iranian rice dish. It's rice, tomato paste, spices, string beans, and ground beef cooked/fried together and then added to rice to further simmer in a rice-cooker. If anyone wants to know how to actually make it, let me know.

For desert I made this yogurt dish. It's pretty much plain yogurt with grated cucumbers, dried mint, and some salt for taste.

Also, I found something funny while eating dinner. There was a menu for a take-out place on the table, and an item on the list stood out for me. I don't know... maybe I just have a dirty mind.

I'll finish off with a pretty picture of the backyard. It's green and pretty this time of year. Now I'm going to attempt some managerial accounting for a little while... er.. hopefully (That is if certain people don't distract me too much).


Orhan Kahn said...


Fred's sauce and all.


Woozie said...

Fred's Sauce huh. Not sure if want.

Pretty backyard though, I do want that.

Omar said...

You are having Tzatziki for dessert?

Amélie said...

orhan: come to canada.

wooz: yes my mom likes to garden.

omar: lol its not tzaziki. Tzaziki is much much stronger... and doesn't have cucumbers or mint in it.