Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I had very weird dreams all night. I think it was one long ass dream, parts of it were sad, parts of it were scary as hell. I remember someone lecturing us about the effects of rape, I remember someone blaming me for the death of their little brother, I remember hanging out with a bunch of vampires. I remember having sex with Eric from True Blood. My brain feels weird.


Woozie said...

I also had strange dreams all last night.

I don't remember it all but basically everything that could have possibly gone wrong with my love life--short of death--did. And somewhere in there the Pope died too. Got about four hours of sleep, woke up and it took me a minute to realize it was all just a dream. Then I felt better.

Omar said...

I too had a crazy dream last night. In it I lived by the ocean and was married to a beautiful African Queen. I also had a 10" penis, stunning good looks, and style and charisma that most mortals could only wish for.

Hey, wait a minute..

Woozie said...

It's true, I've seen it. In action.

His charisma really is phenomenal.

Amélie said...

haha you two.

Aw wooze you need to relaxxxxx. Stop overthinking things. you need to get yo mind busy so it stops hurting you!

and Omar, just lol.