Sunday, June 21, 2009

The right fit.

There is something oddly awkward about a new blog. It's almost like the first day of class at a new school. You don't really know anyone, don't know what to say, and don't really know what's to come.

It's like that new pair of shoes that fit fine but take a few walks to find their place around your feet.

I guess that's how I feel right now. I like the idea of starting this anew but I find it hard knowing what to write. With my last blog, there was always something I saw or heard about that got me writing... and I had no problem writing it because I knew the blog's identity.

Smiling spoon is like a new friend I haven't yet made.

I don't know if that makes any sense.


rrrichie said...

Extroverted Introvert. lol. nice.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Making it back at all is a big step, so here's to finding your new footing as I'm sure it will come quickly enough . . . but there's a certain amount of fun in finding the path too, eh?

Woozie said...

I'd invite Smiling Spoon to sit next to me at the lunch table.

Amélie said...

richie: ;)

2 Dollar: I hope it'll be fun. Hopefully I won't get lazy and give up. I think my next few entries will be a little random haha.... hence "disconnected thoughts."

Wooz: This makes Smiling Spoon happy.

Morven said...

It does make sense, I've just re started blogging again and I'm struggling to know what to say.

My last blog had a definate identity and audience, this blog is like an ill fitting cardigan.