Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Things the Mind Forgets.

I've realized that my blog entries are nothing like my diary entries of the past.

Today, I was helping clean our ridiculous basement of 10 years worth of crap, when I came across two of my old diaries. One from before I moved to Canada, in grade 4 and 5, and the other from grade 5 onward. I used to be a really loyal diary writer. I mean... at times I wrote almost everyday. My blogs though... just don't feel the same. My entries are usually very half-assed or don't have anything to do with my daily routines.

I always thought it'd be boring to write about the mundane activities of my days in this blog, but now, after reading over my childhood diaries, I see the value in that. There are so many important little things that our mind forgets. It scares me. I want to remember the details of my life.

I want to remember that I had a friend named Sayeh in Iran who wrote me poetry and told me she'd miss me when I left. I wanna remember the way I wrote to my diary as if it were a living, breathing person. I want to remember who I was, and I want to leave something behind for the future me to stumble upon one day, amidst all the dust bunnies and spiderwebs.


penguinone said...

I went through phases with my diary. At one point, pretty much every single one of my entries was dedicated to helping me remember all the cute things Aaron would say to me. Then, after reading Anne Frank, I dedicated my entries to Anne. It literally started off with "Dear Anne," lol.
I was very intense in my diary writing. Everything was i hate hate hate or i love love love... a lot of feelings, not so many day to day details. I wish I wrote about daily activities more, but I think it's nice to remember feelings as well.

BrightenedBoy said...

A perfect justification for journaling.

This post is very true.