Friday, November 19, 2010


Cue hyperactive, chirping music.
Cue dancing man, wearing a grin as big as the blue sky overhead
Cue suburban imagery, beautiful plants, sepia tone garage doors,

Cue luxury car,
Cue FedEx deliveryman,
Cue the happy, beautiful, dream-like land.

Cue the television ad,
Sensory overload, a pill for your most special gland

Cue the flurry,
Cue the rehearsed joy,
Cue the disguised medicated turmoil,

Cue luxury car,
Cue FedEx Van,
Cue the happy, dancing man

The dancing man,
Wearing his sharp suit,
He's fulfilled, because his penis is wood


Mansourov said...

Wood, eh? Weird suburbia you live in...