Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I think we're a little too young to be worried about never finding someone.
Yes. I'm sure that is a fact.

Yet, lately I find myself upset over the fact that I can't find new, interesting people (guys) to talk to and to feel silly around.

I know, I know, this is me being my ridiculous self again. I don't want attention when I have it and when I do I shun it. How does that make sense?

It seems I guess that I only attract the kind of attention I want to shun. There have been people that were considered... but they're always a little insane and too busy dwelling in their own minds.

Then maybe it's time for me to start looking out for people who don't dwell in their own heads. I mean sure it's nice. Sure I love the conversations they can hit up... sure they're a lot less pretentious and a lot more intelligent.... but they don't seem thoughtful.

It's ironic really. They're always trapped with their own thoughts... yet they can't divert enough from them to be thoughtful towards someone else.

I have no idea what I'm writing all this for because even as I'm writing it makes no sense to me. I'm not looking for anyone. I'm just frustrated by the lack of people. Does that make sense?


Anyways, inspired by the 1000awesomethings blog, I'm going to start writing one thing that I'm thankful for at the end of every post. I don't think I'm thankful enough for the people and things around me.

Today I'm thankful for: the treadmill and elevating heart rates. :)


penguinone said...


as for the boys...
I always used to think that my ideal guy would be ethan hawke from before sunrise/sunset. haha :)

But the one I've landed isn't much of an ethan hawke character as much as I'd like him to be sometimes. Still though, it's weird. rarely get what you expect... but i guess there's fun in that, on most days!

Shelly Rayedeane said...

I don't think I'm thankful enough either. Bring on the exercise ! Lol.

Stella said...

word. word. word. Suddenly, this all matters. It's not like we can be one of those metropolitan chicks who sit sipping classy drinks and make generalizations about men with sentences starting with "Men are -" and ending inevitably. Who wants that sort of disposability? There are no people - no one new, no one that matters enough to not make generalizations. And that fucking sucks.